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  About The School  

Mission Statement

The mission of the faculty and staff of Rucker Boulevard Elementary School is to give each child our very best so that they can become their very best!

Rucker Boulevard Elementary Beliefs

The faculty and staff of Rucker Boulevard Elementary believe:

  • We should prepare our students to become contributing members of our society by instilling self-discipline and character.
  • We should encourage our students to reach their greatest potential personally, academically, and socially.
  • We should provide a flexible curriculum which offers continuous and sequential experiences.
  • We should challenge each student, regardless of their ability level, to high standards in order to increase individual performance.
  • We should provide a safe and comfortable environment.
  • We share the responsibility for advancing the school's mission with administration, parents, and the community.
  • Each student is valued and valuable.

Code of Conduct

Because I want Rucker Boulevard to be a great place to go to school, I promise to always:

1.  Be respectful.

2.  Be honest and truthful.

3.  Be responsible.

4.  Be tolerant.

5.  Be safe.

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