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One Minute Reading  

Your child will have a reading passage to read every night.  Please time your child for one minute.  He/She should be reading 60 words in a minute for the first semester and 90 or more words a minute for the second semester.  When you are reading at home, remind your child that we read the way we speak.  Therefore he/she should be reading fluently.  Fluent reading is not choppy, but it is smooth reading(not too fast and not too slow).  There is also evidence of punctuation acknowledgement. 

Also, some after reading activities should be to discuss the characters in the story, the setting(where and what time of the day), the main idea(what it was all about) and list some details given in the story.  Finally, ask your child to tell you what happened in the beginning of the story, in the middle, and at the end.  These are the exact activities we will be doing in the classroom so practice at home.

How to Study for Your Spelling Test  


Your child will have to be able to accurately write each spelling word. Therefore, I suggest that you give a practice test each night.  You call out the words and let them write them down.

Parent Volunteers  

I extend an unlimited invitation to all of my parents to come into our classroom to volunteer your time.  Anytime you have extra time on your hand, please consider stopping by to listen to the children read or to help organize learning resources, etc.  If you are unable to volunteer due to your work schedule, please assist us by sending in needed supplies.  You can see my "wish list" by visiting our school's webpage and clicking school staff, my name, and the link "other info".  I could always use a helping hand in making sure my students will have a successful school year this year!! 

Compass Learning Odessey  


Make sure you and your child go to the Compass Learning Odessey Program to improve math and reading skills.  Just ask your child his/her password number for Compass and get ready for a fun time of learning!!!!  Username and password will be the same...It's their "S" number. 

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