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The Purpose of Accelerated Reader: Powerful Practice 

Reading is a skill and, as with every skill, it requires not just instruction but practice.

Reading practice serves a number of purposes. It enables students to apply the skills

and strategies that are taught. It gives the teacher opportunities to check student learning and

identify weaknesses. And it draws students into the world of "real" reading-a world in

which people learn from and enjoy books.


How Accelerated Reader Works

At the heart of Accelerated Reader are a few basic steps:

1. Teachers schedule time for daily reading practice, additional to their instructional reading period. During this time, students select and read library books that match their individual ability levels and interests.

2. When a student finishes a book, he or she takes an AR Reading Practice Quiz on a
computer, NEO 2, or mobile device, such as an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. This quiz assesses general comprehension of the book just read.

3. Accelerated Reader scores the quiz, keeps track of the results, and generates reports. Teachers use this data to monitor each student's practice, guide students to appropriate books, and targets instruction.


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