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Outdoor Classroom


Project Mission:

                The mission of this project is for RBE to embark on a school wide project-based learning experience which will transform the way our students are taught and the way they learn. By creating and maintaining RBE's Outdoor Classroom, our students will develop their critical thinking skills while having fun along the way. All of the learning will be integrated across the curriculum; but most importantly our students will be given the opportunity to refine their academic skills through real-world experiences. Students will collaborate and design learning stations to include a formal garden, sculpture garden, charitable garden, rock garden, blueberry garden, butterfly garden, historical garden, sensory garden, performing arts center, weather station, orchard, solar energy station, storytelling corner and a human sundial.

                 Through our outdoor classroom project, teachers will be utilizing the teaching strategies promoted through the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative. Through these inquiry based and hands-on experiences, students will take ownership of their learning and ultimately apply it to their lives. We are asking our children to design RBE's Outdoor Classroom and then witness their designs come to life! Most importantly, the creation of our outdoor classroom will instill in our students the meaning of giving through community outreach. All of the crops, flowers and/or fruit grown will be donated to local area food banks, hospitals, nursing homes or hospice organizations.

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